Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ST:TNG/War Of The Worlds Promo Spread

From a large-format TV trade magazine put out in 1988 comes this two-page spread advertising both the new show "War Of The Worlds" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation," which was in its second year.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Early "Deep Space Nine" Promo Poster

As far as I can recall, back around 1992 when the earliest promotions for "Deep Space Nine" were being released, the form of the space station had not even been decided on. Although it's possible that they were considering using the Spacedock for the new station at some point, it's probable that the image of the Spacedock here was just being used as a stand-in for the as-yet-to-be finalized Cardassian design. (If I find anything relating to this in my future scans, I'll let you know.) Several other versions were published (which we'll see in subsequent posts) before the Cardassian design was finally revealed. This poster, measuring about 3 feet tall, came from an oversized TV industry magazine as a pullout. This might be the biggest view of the Spacedock you will ever see. (The exterior link in the image below, when clicked, will open up a higher-rez version than Blogger will allow me to post. I wanted you to enjoy the full view!)

Personally, I would have liked it better if they went with this design, but any TV show would have lacked the budget to be able to populate it with the appropriately-sized sets it would have required, not to mention the sheer number of different areas the viewer would have expected to see. This thing was a city in space! Scaling it down to a managable (and depictable)  size was a necessary requirement for any design.

Bonus: Below, a panel from the April/May 1990 edition of the Official Fan Club magazine about Mark Lenard's return to the small screen in the role.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1992 "People" Article on Brent Spiner

In one of my emails from a reader and online friend, the observation was made that material on the Next Generation was harder to find than the original series, and that each subsequent spinoff received less media exposure. This is true, attested to by the fact that my combined TNG/DS9/VOY scrapbook binder is only half as thick as my TOS one (actually I have several scrapbooks full of TOS stuff, and only one for the spinoffs). This time we are looking at an article from "People" magazine on Brent Spiner, TNG's Data, which came out on June 8, 1992. This interview with Brent Spiner is a rare look at a cast member who seemed to value his privacy more than most of the others.

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Bonus: Below is a flyer for a convention being held on March 22-24, 1991 in Orlando, FL.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Publicity Photos: Crew Reaction Shots

This time my TNG scrapbook opens to some crew reaction shots from a press kit that was sent to stations before the show aired; the photos in the previous entry came from it also. That one with Wesley Crusher looking at Tasha Yar makes me think he is really feeling those raging teen hormones just then! Poor kid, he could never compete with a tireless machine (programmed in multiple techniques).

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome To My Second Trek Scrapbook!

If you came here from there, you are already familiar with the original "My Star Trek Scrapbook" blog, which displays material from my collection about the original series cast TV show and movies. (If you are not familiar with it, be sure to visit it soon!)

Well, by "popular demand," I have begun another blog, this time devoted to the material I've collected over the years from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the subsequent spinoffs. I won't say that I love these shows to the same intense degree as I do the original series and cast; but I have enjoyed them greatly, TNG in particular, (being the first return of some form of Star Trek to TV as it was) and I do have quite a bit of stuff to share. Again, not as much as the TOS items, but what I have, I want you to enjoy.

The question of "why a Scrapbook 2?" has been raised by an esteemed visitor, who asked "Isn't it all Star Trek?" In answer, I explained it this way; I keep the various shows organized in separate scrapbook binders in my collection, so why not do it on the blogs that way? The original blog was so oriented to TOS, with all the graphics and such, that it would dilute the focus by bringing in all the later versions. I thought it best to feature the spinoffs in their own blog, which you are now reading.

This first post features some publicity photos from the Next Generation newspaper press kit. Hope you like all the photos, articles, and other items I plan to post in days to come!

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