Friday, May 6, 2011

1986 Article on Planned New Trek Show

From issue #53 of the Star Trek Official Fan Club Magazine (when it was still in digest-sized form), published in December 1986, comes this article on the new Star Trek series that Gene was working on, called "Star Trek: The Next Generation." It was so early in the planning stages that the article states that they had not yet even decided if the ship would look any different from the movie Enterprise, since there was so much footage of it already. I'm glad they went ahead and designed a new version, which was necessary for the show to further stand apart from the original. It's interesting reading about the contributions from TOS veterans, before they conflicted with Roddenberry and jumped ship. My opinion is that it would have been a better show from the start had they been allowed to have freer input.

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Bonus: Below, a TV Guide clipping featuring an ad for the first look at the show!

Bonus: Below, an ad flyer from sometime in 1993 (or somewhere thereabouts) for a convention featuring Data himself.