Monday, March 28, 2011

Cracked "Generations" Spoof

In December of 1994 this "Cracked" magazine spoof of the first "Next Generation" movie came out. Severin, who has been doing Trek spoofs for over two decades by that time, nails the features and costumes as usual... but, unlike some of the others, he obviously had not seen the film when drawing it. He is probably working from a script and promotional photos, as the deleted sub-orbital skydive sequence is still here. Hardly any of the scenes are accurate in the design details, which is typical when one is working from a script. But, he can't be faulted, as so often this was the case when the magazines were trying to get the spoof on the racks at the same time the movie was out.

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For the record, I liked their ending better than the one in the movie! Kirk really didn't have to die (again) at the end for the torch to be passed. He could have simply went off to live in peace and let everyone think he was dead.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

1988 "Win an Appearance on TNG" Cereal Box Contest

I cut out this back and side panel from a box of Cheerios sometime in the winter of 1987. I wonder who the winner was, and what episode they appeared in? If you know, leave a comment! I did send off for the Enterprise poster, and it's in my collection cabinet somewhere... when I find it I'll scan and post it later.

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That kid is way too cocky to be a real Trekkie.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1988 Mad Spoof: Star Blecch: The Next Degradation

Welcome back!This time we are looking at the first Mad magazine spoof of ST:TNG, from issue #282, published October 1988, which means it was on the newstands in September. Featuring spot-on caricatures by the legendary Mort Drucker, and writer Frank Jacobs on-target satire of the show, this spoof is one of the better ones ever done on the show. Set phasers to "tickle" and engage!

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Of course, the parody is made even better by the appearance of the original crew at the end. A satisfying conclusion!