Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patrick Stewart's "A Christmas Carol"

From issue #186 of Starlog, published in December of 1992, comes this article on Patrick Stewart's live stage performance of Charles Dicken's incomparable "A Christmas Carol." Although I never got to see him do it live (and I think he still does it, nearly twenty years later, I do treasure the audio CD set that captures his dramatic reading. In my mind, there could never be a better delivery, and now when I read the book I hear his tones and inflections in my head, enhancing the experience.

Some years later he would go on to act the role of Scrooge in a film version, and while it is a fine addition to my collection of adaptations, it doesn't outdo the audio recording. Hearing Stewart deliver so much of the original text is a better experience to me than seeing him limited to acting out the one role, as fine the acting was in that role.